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Meet Colin

colin closerup

To those who are a little curious on what goes on behind the scenes at the 3c’s… you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find many blogs ranging from how to make the perfect gin to meeting our team – so make sure to keep checking our blog for more updates.  

Firstly, let me say hello to the readers who haven’t quite made it to the 3c’s yet, and welcome back to those who have. I’d like to give you a quick guided tour on our beautiful cottages.

Here at the cottages, we feel it’s important to cater for your every need. Whether that be supplying the alcohol or our delicious meals. We feel that comfort (and food) is the way to the heart.

And last, but definitely not least, let me introduce you to Me. Many say I’m a national treasure here at the cottages, so make sure to take a selfie with me when you arrive, I’ll even do a little pout.

Make sure to keep checking our blog weekly for more updates on what the 3c’s team will be up to next.

 Colin x